Studies – Consultation Services

The company:

1) studied and constructed the small hydropower plant “HPP AGKISTRO II”, of 650 KW power. The investment was included in the Operational Programme for Energy with a budget of 910.000 € and got 45% subsidy. The project came into operation in March 2002 and since then it runs normally. In the second phase, a second plant of 250 KW power was installed. The project was constructed in 2005 and since then it runs normally. The cost of the new plant amounted to 308.000 €.

The total investment amounted to 1.700.000 €. The operator of the entire investment is HPP AGKISTRO II SA, where HORIZON SA’s involvement accounts for 55%. 

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Consultation Services
The company has been designated as:

•Technical consultant of the Former Municipality of Kyprinos (current Municipality of Orestiada), in Evros region, for the project “the Construction of Energy production Plant on Ardas river”.

•Consultant of the Regional Administration of Serres for the project “Hydropower”, titled as SEE/A//524/2.4/X, since August 2012.

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