The company “Ηοrizon SA” was established in 10.04.1992 with constitutive objective:

– to conduct research, studies, construction and operation of energy investments in the field of Renewable Energy

– to be shareholder in companies for the design, licensing, construction, operation and exploitation of hydropower plants

– to undertake planning, implementation and exploitation of projects for environmental protection and construction, marketing and installation of machinery for environmental protection and energy saving.

The management of the company soon realised the importance of the renewable Energy Sources (RES) and the need to satisfy part of the energy demand in a more sustainable way. With this vision, the company has been working since 1992, on the design and the construction of hydropower plants. The development of such projects has been the main focus for the last 22 years, during which, the company gained considerable experience in all types of projects in this sector, manifested optimum techniques and methods, and developed telemonitoring applications.

The company has recently turned to more forms of renewable energy sources. It has built a solar farm in Leukothea village, in Serres region. Furthermore, it intends to invest in the biomass sector, in which it has already received two licenses in places around the region of Serres.

The company also provides consultation services to interested investors, which involves the preparation of all required studies for investments in energy production or energy saving projects, and energy upgrades of public and private buildings.

Furthermore, recognising the value of research and innovation, the company participates in co-funded research programmes aiming to develop the necessary knowledge which can be exploited in practice in later projects.