The main activity of the company is the development of renewable energy and energy saving projects, and the provision of consultation services in the aforementioned areas. The company’s experienced study department undertakes the preparation of all necessary technical and economic studies during the authorization, and it constructs, monitors and maintains the power plants, in collaboration with specialised teams from Greece and abroad.

The company has considerable experience in technical projects and recruits competent staff of engineers while keeping strong relations with specialised partners. It is activated in the following areas:

• Studies – Consulting Services

The company provides consultation services for energy investments, undertakes the preparation of the necessary studies, organises dossiers for issuing licenses and monitors the whole process. It also conducts energy inspections, energy upgrade and energy saving studies for public and private buildings.

 • Renewable Energy Sources (RES)

HORIZON SA has two decades of small hydro experience, with 2MW of installed capacity, and 6,5MW more to be installed (under authorisation) to its name, 6MW of which correspond to hydro and 0,5 MW in biomass projects.

The company undertakes full resource assessments and pre-feasibility studies, full system design and specification, modelling and energy output predictions, proposal submissions to funding programmes and issuing of all necessary licenses. It also provides full site development services, including all aspects of planning and construction for projects in the sectors of Hydropower, Solar Photovoltaics and Biomass gasification.


• Research

HORIZON SA participates in the research co-funded programmes: “Interreg”, “South East Europe”, “Human Resources Development” of the General Secretariat for Research and Technology, so as to develop innovative expertise and ultimately exploit the findings in practice.